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Spring 2019 Classes


Class Description

Trimester 3
May 14,
June 11,
July 9,
August 13,


In 2017 Word’s Worth launched its inaugural Writer’s 12-Step Program: Write Your Novel Draft in a Year, and the second class began last September. In this class a community of writers all endeavor to complete the first draft of a novel in one year’s time. If you’ve ever tried National Novel Writing Month, this is the same idea, but this plan is a little more sustainable and doable with the rest of your life’s obligations. This community meets together on the second Tuesday of each month from September 2018 to August 2019. In between sessions you’ll generate new work, meet with break out “writing groups,” and be connected to a private internet group where you’ll receive a monthly “check-in” with instructor Katrina Kittle as well as receive motivational and accountability posts along the way. Instead of simply saying, “By this time next year I’ll have my book done,” this program will give you a game plan, frequent deadlines, check points, craft lessons, and the collective creative energy of other kindred spirits attempting the same goal. This program is for any FICTION writer ready to truly commit to their work. Any genre of fiction is welcome. Memoir writers seeking this kind of community and accountability are welcome, but please understand that the instructional focus will be on the craft of fiction (but creative nonfiction writers use these same techniques) Each month will have a focus (although material will change based on the individual needs of group members).


Our third trimester's focus will be:

Trimester 3 Classes

May: Theme and Symbols

June: Openings and Closings

July: Readers and Revision--The Value of Objective Eyes

August: Celebration and Next Steps


LOCATION: Oakwood Starbucks, 2424 Far Hills Avenue, Dayton, OH 45419

Price: $55 each, or package of 4 for $200

**Note: Only current class participants can register for these courses. The class will begin again in September 2019. 

3rd Trimester Package-May, June, July, & August Classes


Class #9-May 14: Theme and Symbols


Class #10-June 11: Openings and Closings


Class #11-July 9: Readers and Revision--The Value of Objective Eyes 


Class #12-August 13: Celebration and Next Steps


April 22-
May 20 

MEMOIR: Write YOUR Story--Instructor: Katrina Kittle

Every person has a story. Whether you want to honor a challenge you’ve overcome in your life, document unique experiences or travels, or record part of your family history, this five-week class will help beginning or experienced writers put their stories on paper. This course will help you narrow the focus of your story, give it shape, and define its underlying theme. We’ll examine storytelling techniques and pitfalls, and plenty of prompts and exercise will help you dig deeper into your life and mine important memories that add depth to your story.
Class members will be asked to obtain a copy of the memoir Educated by Tara Westover, which we will be discussing throughout the course.


LOCATION: Oakwood Starbucks, 2424 Far Hills Avenue, Dayton, OH 45419

Price: This Class is Currently Sold Out. It will be offered again, Fall 2019.  

May 8

LET'S WRITE ABOUT SEX, BABY--Instructor: Katrina Kittle

Is it hot in here, or is it just my writing? Birds do it, bees do it…so why is it so hard for writers to do it—or rather, to do it well? Writing about sex, like the very act itself, can be difficult, funny, embarrassing, intense, evocative, compelling, sad, political, boring, mind-blowing, exciting, and exhausting. How much is too much? When is it not enough? What will others think of us? And what about our own self-censors? We will consider these and other perils and joys of getting believable, effective, sometimes beautiful and literary sex scenes on the page. We’ll look at published samples, and cover tips and traps to avoid—starting with the fact that sex in literature is rarely just about the sex at all. And note—this class is about writing sex scenes in works of fiction and memoir, NOT about writing erotica or porn.
Rated R for Real—all participants must be 18 or older.


LOCATION: Oakwood Starbucks, 2424 Far Hills Avenue, Dayton, OH 45419

This class has reached capacity and is closed. Please consider another upcoming class. 

May 22,
May 29, &
June 5

REVISION INSPIRATION--Instructor: Katrina Kittle

Have you reached the wonderful, celebratory goal of completing a manuscript?
Are you wondering: what next?
As you receive feedback, do you wonder which suggestions to take?
Which to ignore?
Do you find the process of figuring out how to improve the story overwhelming?
This course will give guidance for the revision and editing process, while taking many craft lessons (on character motivation, voice, point of view, description, plot, etc.) to the next level. Easy, practical guidelines and checklists will be given for approaching changes both big and small in your own work. We’ll also discuss how to find good, trusted readers, and the pros and cons of writing groups.
NOTE: you do NOT have to have a completed manuscript to take or benefit from this class.


LOCATION: Oakwood Starbucks, 2424 Far Hills Avenue, Dayton, OH 45419

Price: $115

June 3

SPRING WRITING WORKOUT--Instructor: Katrina Kittle

Want a commitment-free dose of creative energy, encouragement, and spark?
Word’s Worth Writing Workouts are two hours of inexpensive, informal-tune-up-charge-your-engine writing exercises for writers of any genre and any level of experience. Someone recently told us these should be called “writing parties.” Whatever you call them, you’ll receive several original writing prompts and time to explore them. You’ll get a mini-craft lesson, loads of tips, and the opportunity (totally voluntary!) to share your impromptu pieces. Turn off the inner critic, connect with fellow writers, and collect some inspiration to fuel your own writing time!


LOCATION: Oakwood Starbucks, 2424 Far Hills Avenue, Dayton, OH 45419

Price: $20